Pay When
You Need

Ideal for Technology Marketing Insights and connecting with Colleagues

eduHiveMind has pay-as-you-go credit packs to meet your needs and your budget. Purchase credits for use as needed by choosing one of the six options below or combine packs to create the ideal option for you. Credits have no expiration date.

5 credits
$ per credit
15 credits
$ per credit
50 credits
$ per credit
100 credits
$ per credit
125 credits
$ per credit
250 credits
$ per credit

How many credits will I need?

Pre-defined Reports:

The majority of the Top 25 Pre-defined reports will require 125 credits. Dependent upon the records returned some reports maybe less then 125 and some may require more credits. Before you purchase your official copy of the report, you will be notified as to how many records the search will return and how many credits will need to be applied.

Connect with Colleagues:

To securely connect with a private message with others who share the same job roles in similar campus environments requires 1 credit per every 15 contacts.

or API Users

for integrators

Data package licenses are available for multi-user access as well as integration with third party applications. Please contact for more information